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National Trade & Transportation Facilitation
 Trade &Transport Facilitation Committee
 Organizational Chart
 Proceedings of the Trade and Transport
 Facilitation Conference, December 2003
 Trade & Transport Facilitation Project
 Pakistan Trade and Transport Facilitation
 Conference - 2006

National Trade Facilitation Strategy-2008
Regional Conference 9-10 Dec-2013

  Federal Government
  Provincial Government
  Public Sector Organization
Trade Bodies
News and Events
  Report of the Regional Conference on Strengthening Transport Connectivity a... More
  NTTFC Newsletter - May-2013 More
  18th Meeting of NTTFC, 10:30 hours, 21 January 2013 More
  17th Meeting of NTTFC, 10.30 hours, 13 August 2012 More
  Trade with Kabul Review of tariff regime sought More
  More News...
  Pakistan Customs
  Customs Notifications/SRO's
  Customs General Orders
  Customs Tariff
  Custom Rules - 2001
  Customs  Stations
  Border Crossings
  Draft Marine Insurance Bill, 2010
Draft Sea Carriage Documents Bill, 2010
Draft Carriage of Goods by Sea Bill, 2010
Carriage by Air Act, 2012
  Draft Carriage of Goods by Road Bill, 2010
  Trucking Policy
  Pakistan Locodes
  APTTA - 2010
  National Capacity Building Workshops on TIR Convention - August-2014
  Ship General Declaration  
Crew List / Crew's Effect List  
Passengers List / Ship's Store List  
Ship Clearance Document Software  
Commercial Invoice / Guide Lines - English Version
Commercial Invoice Guidelines - Urdu Version
Pakistan Supply Chain Security (PSCS) Code
Shipping Line Charges Analysis
Phytosanitary Certificate
Certificate of Origin (CoO)
ebXML for Managers
Export Policy Order - 2012-15
Import Policy Order - 2012-15
Import Policy - 2009
Export Policy - 2009
Import and Export (Control) Act, 1950
SROs/Notifications - Ministry of Commerce
Economic Survey - 2009-10
Fiscal Policy 2008-09 Federal Budget - 2010-11
Fiscal Policy 2008-09 Customs Tariff
Fiscal Policy 2008-09 Annual Report - State Bank of Pakistan

  Map of Pakistan
  Map of Sindh
  Map of Punjab
  Map of Baluchistan
  Map of N.W.F.P.
  Pakistan Road Network
  Distance Chart
  Faisalabad-Multan Motorway
  Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway
  Islamabad-Lahore Motorway
  Pakistan National Highways
  Pakistan National Motorways
  Pakistan Railways Network
  NTTFC Minutes
TTFP-1 Reports
TTFP-2 Reports
Food and Perishable Products
Freight Forwarding
Trade and Transport Facilitation
Completion Instruction for Goods Declaration Form
Report on TIR Seminar - 30 November, 2004
Trade Transaction Analysis Report
Industrial Competitiveness - The challenge for Pakistan
Border Crossing Operations b/w Pakistan & Neigh
Study on Cargo Handling Facilities at Airports in Pak
Paperless Trade in International Supply Chains
Drivers of Growth and Competitiveness in Pakistan
Designing and Implementing TRADE FACILITATION
Model Contracts for Small Firms
Making Private Standards Work for You
Transit Traffic through Pakistan
International Reports
National Reports

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